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Cloud Accounting Solutions For Those That See The World Differently

Cloud Accounting solutions for those that see the world differently

Empowering Growth

Modern Cloud Accounting Solutions for Consultancies, Professional Services, and Creative Agencies.

Growth is a multifaceted journey – from expanding customer bases to increasing revenue, profits, and establishing a bigger footprint. Beyond financial gains, business owners often find profound growth in time – time for family, personal pursuits, and travel adventures.

If you resonate with this holistic vision of growth, Thrive CFO invites you to thrive on your journey.

Who do we serve?

We are heavily invested in the relationships we build with our clients. As a result, we only work with a select group of businesses. Businesses where we know we can add transformative value . Businesses that will never be the same again.

Why these specific ones?

We share their frustrations and challenges…we’re ultimately a professional services agency ourselves. This allows us to take a much more empathetic and personal approach to the way we coach and advise them.

We love working with…


Our consulting clients range from event management, management consultants, financial planners and IT Consultants, to name but a few.

Professional Services

Architects, Attorneys, Insurance Brokers, Estate Agents, HR & Recruitment specialists, Copywriters, Dietician’s and Physioherapsists are among those that benefit from our services.

Creative Agencies

We add value to a number of creative agencies. We serve amongst others – but not limited to – graphic design, marketing and communications and brand agencies.

Do you experience some (or all) of these growth challenges?

After 12 years of working with agencies and consultancies just like yours, we can identify the below as some of the most prominent growth challenges our clients experience. The size and vision for your agency may determine when and if these become relevant.

Growing an agency has its challenges. We get it…we’re one ourselves.

Direct costs

Agencies and consultants are notoriously bad at keeping track of time…because it’s always been a chore and stuck somewhere in a manual spreadsheet. With human capital being your biggest expense, this is a must if you want to run profitably.

Understanding compliance

Most clients start out with a small team and the owners tend to wear more than one hat at a time. Understanding and keeping track of compliance is most of the time something outside their fields of expertise. Nothing kills creativity faster than worrying about this at 02:00 am.

Profitability Challenges

Delivering a profitable project is quite a challenge…you need to keep track of scope creep, tight budgets, clients disputing certain invoices and staying in budget. You need proper systems in place to navigate this difficult part of your agency or consultancy.

Manage Cash

Cash flow is what keeps the dream alive. How can you better keep track off and manage your cash flow? What systems can you implement to better forecast your future cash position? Especially when you're not sure what money is coming in, when.

Your fellow Thrivers rated Our Cloud Accounting Services as exceptional throughout COVID19

Our industry-leading NET PROMOTER SCORE of 71 achieved during COVID19 lockdown is a great testament to clients loving what we do.

Martin MulderMartin Mulder
12:36 17 Aug 23
I have only the greatest appreciation for this company. I was going through a difficult time and they were understanding and accommodating. My tax was handled speedily and efficiently.
Kevin RademeyerKevin Rademeyer
07:20 17 Aug 23
We have been using Melissa, Marche and the rest of the crew at ThriveCFO for over 10 years, in order to compile our annual audit for Law Society. They have been exceptional, efficient and pro-active every year. I would not take the business anywhere else.
Jan de WitJan de Wit
13:13 13 Jun 23
Our firm has been making use of the services of Thrive CFO for more than 10 years. Thrive CFO has amazing staff that is not only extremely helpful, but also very capable. We are extremely happy with their services and will continue to support them. They make accounting easy. Thanks Melissa, Marche and the rest of the Team - You Rock!!
LM KeyserLM Keyser
07:13 13 Jun 23
The ThriveCFO team has been our trusted accounting and tax partner since 2010. They are competent, honest, approachable, quick to respond, and they really do care. I highly recommend them.
Andre ClaassenAndre Claassen
10:24 08 Jun 23
Prompt, professional and personal service!!
Palabadi RamaphokoPalabadi Ramaphoko
19:38 15 May 23
I'm impressed with the work you do. You are extremely professional and polite. I hope we will grow big together!
Deidre OosthuysenDeidre Oosthuysen
12:20 04 May 23
I feel as though Thrive CFO is a natural part of our business. 100% professional. Very knowledgeable. Incredibly organised. And with a work ethic and proactive communication practices, I know I am in the very best hands possible.
Sean FabianSean Fabian
07:45 04 May 23
As someone who has had the pleasure of working with Thrive CFO, I can confidently say that they are an exceptional company with an unwavering dedication to their clients. From beginning to end, their commitment to providing top-tier financial services is evident in every interaction.One of the things that sets Thrive CFO apart is their focus on education. They take the time to educate their clients on financial best practices and help them understand the reasoning behind their recommendations. This approach ensures that clients are empowered to make informed decisions about their finances.Thrive CFO also uses the latest technology to streamline their services and make the financial management process as efficient as possible. They utilize cloud-based software to provide real-time financial data and make it easy for clients to access their financial information at any time.Overall, Thrive CFO is an exceptional company that is dedicated to providing personalised financial solutions that help their clients succeed. If you're looking for a financial firm that truly cares about your success, I highly recommend Thrive CFO.
Michael DawsonMichael Dawson
15:48 02 May 23
Great experience with the team! Always willing to assist with questions and able to help guide my small business to ensure that I am compliant.
Riaan Schlebusch ITMCRiaan Schlebusch ITMC
12:15 21 Apr 23
Professional, smart and friendly people.You only deal with the best of the best, and they know how to answer your questions, and they ensure that they understand you, and make they make sure to take the time to know your business.
Don't look further for an accounting business partner...
We Dare You To Thrive

At Thrive CFO, we do accounting, tax, payroll and consulting. But we don’t really DO them…

Instead, we DO FREEDOM.

Freedom of time, money and location.

Our Clients Knows Freedom

Choose How They Spend Their Time

We all have the same 24 hours each day. The difference in being successful or not is not more time.

It’s how we choose to spend that time.

Far too often, agency owners get sucked into the mechanics of their businesses, working crazy hours with very little to show for their efforts.

That is where you may find yourself right now, but it is not the way it should be.

Because we understand agencies and their challenges, we help their owners unlock more free time to spend how they choose.

Accounting firm
accounting services

Keep More Money

Growth is often mistaken with more clients, bigger revenue, increased staff and ultimately larger offices. And whilst these could all be part of the journey, they are not the destination.

The only thing that matters in business, is how much money stays behind in your bank account?

Building a business that retains a big portion of its revenue, regardless of how much that revenue may be…now that is a successful business!

Work From Wherever They Want

The world of working from 9 – 5, stuck in traffic twice a day, seeing your life pass you, one car at a time, is gone forever. Life is just way too short!

We’re not saying no one should have offices anymore. But a Thrive CFO client decides when and where they and their teams work. Creativity and inspiration sometimes happens next to the cricket field, or in your favourite coffee shop.

accounting company
Now, ask yourself this question...
Are You After This Freedom?

Here's 5 More Reasons You Want To Work With A Top Cloud Accounting Firm

Choosing a cloud accounting firm as your new business partner is a big one and the wrong partnership could be dire. Although, with our turnkey solutions and exceptional accounting services, we believe that we are the best choice you could make this year.

Forward Thinking Accounting Firm

Tech savvy accountants focused on helping you save time and scale, by using integrated systems.

Dedicated Accountant

One point of contact that understands your business and who you can build relationship with.

Value-added Accounting Service

Proactive accountants to help you save tax and time by regular reviews and planning throughout the year.

Ultimate Transparency

All inclusive fixed monthly packages tailor made for you with no hidden fees or surprise bills.

ACCA, SAIPA & SAIBA registered

You are in safe hands,. We are experts in our field and are fully qualified Accountants & Tax Advisors.

We Are Always In DIMA Mode

Design – Implement – Measure – Align

We help our clients achieve more freedom by ensuring their foundation is super strong, highly efficient and extremely profitable.

By following this approach meticulously we achieve exactly that!


Each business is unique and so should their solution be. Your system is built from the ground up to help achieve your goals.


Each business is unique and so should their solution be. Your system is built from the ground up to help achieve your goals.

Accounting services for agencies


Each business is unique and so should their solution be. Your system is built from the ground up to help achieve your goals.


Each business is unique and so should their solution be. Your system is built from the ground up to help achieve your goals.

“ Technology is like electricity. It just is. It’s all about how we implement it to work for us.“
- Luan van Rhyn -

Technology Partners

Digital is at the heart of everything we do

Our AppsMap enables us to customise a client-specific solution based on each business’ unique requirements. No off-the shelve solutions to be found here.

cloud accounting partners

Affiliations & Memberships

We partner with industry leading providers and organisations to ensure that our clients get the best overall accounting services that will help them achieve their goals.

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