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Monthly Accounting, Simplified.

When you outsource your monthly accounting services to Thrive, you don’t just get smart accountants – you get team members.

Win back your time

ThriveCFO has helped businesses save on average 61 hours per month with outsourced accounting & bookkeeping services.

Be more profitable

What gets measured, gets managed. We give businesses owners a clear financial picture that allows them to become more profitable.

Get peace of mind

As fully qualified Accountants & Tax Advisors you can be sure that your business financials are in the best possible hands.

We’ll handle the numbers, you handle business.

We are a modern accounting firm that help consultancies , professional services and creative agencies grow.

It’s time to switch your accounting services to Thrive.

Experts in cloud accounting

Your own dedicated accountant

Affordable & transparent pricing

ACCA, SAIPA & SAIBA registered

Monthly accounting services.

We offer 3 core accounting services.

Before we can get to all the value-adding shiny new toys, we would need to ensure that you become – and stay compliant. All your compliance related services forms the core of our Accounting and Tax retainer.

We are so fortunate to have Thrive CFO in our corner as they have done so much for us. We are also very excited about their future plans and we cannot wait to see what is install for the coming decade. Here is to another 10 years of gaving the best partnes in the financial industry!!!

Jan de Wit

DIB Solutions

Management Accounts

Why choose a provider that only gives quarterly management reports? A fast-scaling business requires monthly guidance. Monthly reporting included across all our pricing options.

Financial Statements

No more waiting 12 months after year-end for your Annual Financials. Our systems are geared towards working on these each month, so it comes out lightning fast. Keeping the board and other stakeholders happy.

Tax Returns

All statutory tax returns are filed on your behalf, including SARS, UIF and Workmen’s Compensation. Keeping your business fully compliant.

Focus Meetings

Dedicated time with your Account Manager to discuss the overall performance of your business, where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there.

HeadsUp Reporting

Our first in South-Africa reporting gives you insight into the quality of your accounting records. No more skeletons hiding in the bookkeeping closet. You now have full visibility of any looming issues.

Still paying for junior staff to do your bookkeeping? And the longer they take, the more you have to pay? Our Crunch packages are all transaction-volume based. You only pay for the amount of transactions in a month.

One of the best business decisions we made, was to appoint ThriveCFO as our accountants in 2010. They listened and learned to understand the unique aspects of our industry, and have become trusted advisors in all financial, payroll and tax matters.

Lise-Marie Keyser

Add-Life Productions

Paperless Payables

If you can take a picture or send an email, you just became a bookkeeper. Congratulations! It’s as simple as that. No more fighting a constant paper war. You send in your expenses, from where ever you are.

Regular Reconcilliation

Outdated records has no place in your business. You need accurate data that is recorded as close to real-time as humanly possible. Depending on your selection, you could have your accounts done daily.

Soft-cap Transaction Limits

Our per-transaction billing is a great way to scale your business and will beat employing a full-time bookkeeper, every day of the week. The best of it all, is you have the ability to migrate between packages, depending on your transaction volume.

Automatic Debtor Reminders

Stay on top of your cashflow with automated, yet personalised debtor reminders, following up on outstanding invoices. Even whilst you sleep.

Tailor-made reporting and advisory services keep your business true to its main goals and objectives. See them as your “Waze”, mapping out the journey before you head out on holiday, and making sure you arrive at your intended destination

In a very short time, Thrive CFO has become an un-extractable component to what we do. More importantly, we share the same values and principles in the way that we do business. Technology enabled, efficient and effective for “new-age” businesses.”

Kevin Hinton

The Collaborative Exchange

Financial Forecasting

Updated forward looking visibility of revenue secured and costs committed to, and how that compares to your budget.


Building an integrated 12-month model. Budgeting the next financial year with detailed analysis of all income and costs.

Actual Variance Reporting

How your actual results stacked up against your budget and updating the budget at each month-end.

PDF Report

Comprehensive but dear report to help you understand how you are progressing in achieving your goals and stay the course.

The future of business accounting isn’t on your desktop, it’s in the cloud.

Our unique technology stack helps us to streamline your business finances and process, give you more time and freedom to work on your business instead of in it.

Our affordable accounting packages.

Get total accounting peace of mind for as little as R100 a day.

Time to switch accounting services to Thrive.

It all starts with a 15 minute phone call.

Having an initial 15 minute call allows us to get an understanding of where you are in your business and also what you are looking for in our relationship. Once we are both happy that we’re a fit for one another, we’ll proceed with a detailed discussion to build your solution.

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